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Smoking is a habit. And like all habits, it’s hard to break. Maybe you smoke in the car, or during breaks at work. Maybe you light up with a cup of coffee, or after a stressful situation. The bottom line is that smoking has become a ritual, a part of your daily life. As human beings, we love rituals, and we hate rebelling against our habits. Not only is smoking a psychological habit, it’s also a physical addiction. In fact, about 90% of smokers are clinically addicted to smoking.

Smoking provides a temporary high in the form of nicotine. Depriving your body of that nicotine fix causes physical withdrawal symptoms and severe cravings. When you’re faced with both psychological and physical discomfort, no wonder it’s so hard to Stop.

The most important way to begin to stop smoking is to find out your why? Why do you want to stop smoking and why do you smoke in the first place. From the stand point of my hypnosis therapy, I can help anyone addicted to cigarettes stop smoking but only if the why is aligned properly. Notice I do not say “Quit” this is because no one wants to be a quitter so the inner mind rejects that idea but to stop is a good possibility. So what is your reason to want to stop smoking “Because I am tired of the cigarettes having control over my life” now you are truly ready to stop.

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Listen before going to bed and the sub conscious mind will receive the imprints and embedded positive commands. This is a truly awesome product and you will see results after listening for 30 nights or more

** Do not listen while driving or operating machinery **

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