How To Sell BOR (DVD)


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This is an awesome DVD for Entertainers and Public Speakers on How to Sell more Merchandise BOR. This is a must watch video to improve sales after or even before any show or engagement. The tips and tricks you will learn on this video are the secrets that have been closely guarded for years. Five chapters take you through pre-show set up and positioning to the sales pitch and delivery all the way to what equipment to purchase and where to develop specialized product and merchandise. 

How To Sell BOR DVD

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This awesome DVD has been used by hundreds of Performers all over the world to sell more product already. Check out what Stage Hypnotist Matt Hale said:

"Hey Richard, even though I don't post here very often, I just wanted to give you and the rest of the crew here my thoughts on your BOR DVD. Not just thoughts, but road tested results, having implemented a few ideas I took from it on my current 5 week Australian tour.

I've always sold BOR in some form and am happy with the way I pitch it during the show, but Richard gives you his very successful pitch structure which certainly made me reinforce certain parts of mine. However, if you don't currently sell BOR, following Richard's pitch would be an easy way to get going. For me, it was more the general logistics/presentation methods of selling that I really took directly from Richard's ideas.

After 5 weeks on the road I can tell you it was money incredibly well spent, streamlining my whole DVD process and increasing sales because of the ability to 'want it and have it NOW.' And no other valuable extra hours spent the following day producing them. I simply bought the equipment that Richard uses and now do what he does. No messing around experimenting. At my merch table, the way my merch is now displayed, sold, setup and even where the table is placed and manned also now borrows a lot from Richard's advice.

Overall, my sales are now a lot higher $ per audience. So there you go - you certainly don't need to buy any extra equipment etc to get the money's worth from the DVD (the pitch, merch table advice etc will no doubt repay you with even 2 or 3 extra sales to cover the DVD cost) , but if you are a working pro not doing some of the things in the DVD, you'll see way past the cost of adding those extra things to your touring equipment. Nice one mate!  Cheers! Matt 

How To Sell BOR DVD

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